Summer 2021

Original leather

Craftsmanship lends style and glamour to the most essential object of desire. We are fascinated by the leathers we work with and they inspire us with ideas for the production of our sandals.

Made in Italy

Originality and attention to detail give our products the unique style that characterizes us all over the world.


The Thera’s collections are inspired by the scents of the heaths, where the warm and vibrant colors of vegetation mix with sandy soils.

I .

Find beauty in what looks
simple and measured.

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Lost in details is an
extraordinary place to be.

About Us.


Do you feel it?
It is under your feet, between your toes.
Walk, do not stop.
You are weightless, you are air, wind,
You are desert’s sand.
You are Thera’s.

For over 40 years we have been working
to set you free, to give you what is unique,
handmade and purely Made in Italy.
Seek and you shall find,
but to find what is useful, talent is needed.
We are here.
For you.